Monday, March 24, 2008


Well I have to say I have been "hanging ten" as I have surfed the worldwide internet for quite some time now, And while I've spent a lot of time in my swim trunks...LOL... I'm surprised to say that I haven't found any blogs or fan sites of the AMAZING Danger City superhero / crime fighter LAMPGUY!. So that being the case I thought, being a fan myself and huge supporter of honest, reliable, handsome, dedicated, heroic, incendiary crime fighters, I thought I would create a blog dedicated to all the amazing stories of heroism and the life saving adventures of our very own Danger City Knight in "60 Watt" Shining Armor.

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Anonymous said...

hey guy! this is such a great blog! it's so great that lampguy finally gets the recognition he deserves. i didn't know you like the book: The Lucifer too! can't wait for more posts!

- Donna <3